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Participate in contributing projects!

Geneawiki international is intended to monitor the various projects of digitization and indexing of genealogical sources internationally.
You have a little free time, you like History, you want to participate in the safeguarding of the heritage and the democratization of the genealogical archives ... No particular competence is necessary, no commitment does not oblige you ... Get started, take a tour of the contributory projects supported by Geneanet below.

By digitizing a register or a bundle (even at the nearest town hall), you will participate in its indexation, allow another user to discover by chance a document that concerns one of his ancestors (and it is reciprocal).

Projects in progress

Save our graves.jpg
Save our graves
Indices de Matrimonios.jpg
Marriage records of the XIXth century
Cementerios militares.jpg
War memorials
Passenger list
1812 War.jpg
Canadian participants in the War of 1812

Completed projects

"Livre d'or" of the French who died in the First World War

Other projects

French Central National Security File