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{{War memorials/Introduction}}  
{{War memorials/Introduction}}  
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At a time when the memory of world conflicts is progressively fading, this project of a comprehensive photographic inventory of places of memory allows us to pay tribute to the missing soldiers.

Difficulty level : Easy    Time frame : Contemporary    Location : English-speaking countries

There are many national necropolises of soldiers who died in the wars of the 20th century across the world. At a time when the memory of world conflicts is fading, it seems important to us to carry out a comprehensive photographic inventory of places of memory. Based on the project model "Save our graves" launched in 2014, this project consists of photographing the graves of the soldiers, thus allowing the names to be registered and allowing everyone to find their grandfather's grave.

Choose a cemetery, check that it has not been photographed, then go to the site and photograph each grave, one after another, systematically. The shooting can be done through an Android or iPhone smartphone with the "Save our graves" application or with a digital camera.

You can also participate in the indexation of the name from home (this includes both the necropolis and communal cemeteries). This is done directly at Geneanet, all you have to do is enter the names, dates of birth, death, possible spouses of each person whose name appears in the photo.